Become a partner of now is the market leader for online car evaluations. With more than 12 million vehicles already evaluated, we can evaluate every car. Become a partner now and enjoy our profitable commission.

How it works:


Register as an affiliate for our partner program with the affiliate network, Zanox.


Place an advertisement of on your website.


The user evaluates his car.


You receive your commission.

Commission & Payment

The status of each publisher is based on the amount of generated leads. Only completed evaluations, carried out with a valid email address, will be paid. Automated evaluations will not be paid.

Attractive pay per lead commission
Silver €0.25
Gold €0.50
Platinum €0.75
Platinum + €1.00

How can I take part?

Register for the partner program with zanox. We will confirm your registration. You then simply choose the advertising method that best suits your target group and integrate it on your website.